The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club

Founded in 1919

“Serving Those Who Have Served Their Country”


“To promote the general welfare of men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States and its Allies, and their families, by maintaining and offering club and lodging rooms”

In 1919, Mrs. Cornelia Barnes Rogers and Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. with General John J. Pershing founded The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Club. In war and peace, without any U.S. Government funding and supported solely by donations of patriotic Citizens, it has ever since been a “Home Away From Home” for over 2,500,00 men and women of the Armed Forces and their families. We have exisited now for over ninety years with our warm, friendly, and safe enviroment providing hospitality and accommodations for 15,000 Armed Forces personnel annually.

With the continued help of our patriotic friends, it always will be.


General John J. Pershing                                Mrs. Cornelia Barnes Rogers
Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

Honorary Presidents

Gov. Franklin D Roosevelt 1926-1932 General John J. Pershing 1940-1946
General Dwight D. Eisenhower 1948-1952 Admiral Chester W. Nimitz 1953-1957


Mrs. Francis Rogers 1919-1932 James H. Van Alen 1958-1960
Mrs. Stanley Lyman Otis 1933-1936 Col. Serge Obolensky 1961-1978
William C Chadbourne 1937-1946 James H. Van Alen 1979-1982
James H. Van Alen 1947-1949 Ivan Obolensky 1982-2000
Arthur K. Watson 1950-1954 Joseph W. Koletar 2000-2006
LTG Willis C. Crittenberger 1955-1958 William J. McShane 2006

Chairman & CEO

Ivan Obolensky 2000



Chairman & CEO Ivan Obolensky President William J. McShane
Treasurer Raymond J. Lustig
Vice President MG Michael A. Boyd Secretary Mrs. Ryland E. D. Chase
Vice President Susan Frederick
Vice President Mrs. Bruce A. Laue
Vice President Richard W. Taylor Executive Director Hazel Cathers

Board of Directors

CAPT. Frank H. Arlinghaus, USNR Mrs. Gregory Hedberg (Margaret) Mr. Serge I. Obolensky
BG Arnold Albert Ms. Julia Irene Kauffman MG David J. Ramsay
Mr. Charles E. Baskett Mrs. Sherry Laue Mrs. Meredith J. Roberts
Countess Tanya Bobrinskoy Mr. John G. Ledes Mrs. Augustin San Filippo (Irina)
MG Michael A. Boyd Col. Raymond J. Lustig Mr. Karl Albert Senn
Mr. John A. Catsimatidis Mr. Anthony J. Maltese, Jr. Hon. Livia S. Sylva
Mrs. Ryland E. D. Chase (Alison) Mr. Vincent McGowan Mr. Richard W. Taylor
Mrs. Jacqueline Astor Drexel Mr. William J. McShane Mrs. Mans Van Alen
Mrs. Susan Frederick Hon. J. William Middendorf MG William F. Ward
Ms. Katie R. Gardner BG Harry J. Mott III Mrs. Robert D. Wickham (Kate)
Hon. Irene Halligan Mr. Arnold H. Neis Dr. Robert D. Wickham
MG John R. Hawkins HI Mr. Ivan Obolensky John B. Wood, Esq.
Ms. Mitzi Perdue