Meetings and Events


The Club has a number of different rooms that can be used for private functions. Depending on the date and hour of your function, the rooms may be available.

We know that making preparations for even small-scale events is time-consuming and often difficult. That is why when you contact our Space Coordinator you will be guided through choosing the best space, room configuration, audio-visual equipment, and menu to accommodate your needs. On the day of your function, our trained staff will closely supervise and provide support at all times to ensure that all of the details are exactly as you had envisioned them.

For more information on space rental, please contact:
Michael Wilkes
Tel: (212) 683-4353
Fax: (212) 683-4374

1st Floor Meeting Rooms

The floor where you entered the Club would have once housed the kitchen and dining room. The main or “parlor” floor contains the principal meeting rooms, much as they would have held the formal parlor and family sitting room during the Victorian area.

The South Lounge


The largest room known as the South Lounge will easily accommodate one hundred for a cocktail party. It is available for private functions.

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The North West Lounge

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The North Lounge is frequently in use for small functions such as meetings. For a number of years The Grand Central group of AA has met here Monday through Friday evenings from 5:30 – 6:30. The room remains as it was when the building was a private home. For larger groups the pocket doors can be opened and it can be used together with the adjacent Obolensky Room.

The Obolensky Room

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The Obolensky Room is named after Colonel Serge Oboloensky, a former President of the Club and father of the current CEO. Serge Obolensky was a Cavalry Officer who served under the Tsar and got out of Russia at the time of the Revolution. A Russian Prince by birth, he became an American Citizen, married the daughter of John Jacob Astor, served as a Paratrooper during WWII and was well known in a number of fields in New York City.

Meeting Facilities Policy and Details

Room Rental

All bookings are subject to a room rental fee charged based on space requirements and time of day.
The Club reserves the right to change room assignments if the number of guests drastically increases or decreases.


The guaranteed number of attendees must be received by 12:00 noon two (2) business days prior to the event. This number constitutes a guaranteed minimum and is not subject to reduction.


You must provide your own caterer and use in house staff for clean up. The Club can provide a limited selection of dishes and bar ware for rent.

Audio-Visual Services available to users of the North or South Lounges

  • Quality Public Address amplification for comfortable listening throughout both rooms.
  • Three microphones can be used simultaneously by moderators, speakers, panelists and audience of any events. Up to two mics can be wireless.
  • Music or any CD or MP3 recording can be played in foreground or background.
  • Broadcast-quality audio recording can be made of an event.
  • PowerPoint presentation or slideshows, or any other graphics, can be projected on the Club’s 50″ screen. Moderator can have in-hand wireless control with laser pointer.
  • Motion pictures from DVDs, CDs or any web source can be projected.
  • Videos, film clips, feature films, YouTube can be projected, integrated with audio coverage from up to three microphones.

All the services aboe can be combined for an event.


Cancellations made within fourteen (14) days of the event are subject to 10% of the agreed upon cost for the room.