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Since its establishment in 1919, we have been honored to have had several million guests. In order to maximize the availability of our facility and to minimize our rates, the Club, unlike other hotels, rents individual beds instead of rooms. The Club has twenty-one rooms with 2 beds to accomodate couples, six rooms with 3 beds, one room with 4 beds, and one room with 6 beds to accomodate families or groups. Depending on occupancy on any given evening, guests of the same gender may be required to share a room. There are separate communal lavatories and showers for men and women on each sleeping floor. Additional beds and cribs are not provided.

The Club does have one VIP room on the first sleeping floor in close proximity to the shower and lavatory facilities. The VIP room has one queen size bed, a television, refrigerator,  and upscale decor. It is available to a sole occupant or to a couple. Rates are $130 for single-occupancy and $160 for double-occupancy.
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Guest Services

The Club consists of five floors including three sleeping floor. The Club does not have an elevator as it was originally constructed as a town house. A stair chair is available between the lobby level and the first floor. No meals are served at the Club. However, we do have kitchen facilities that may be utilized by our guests, and there are a wide variety of restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops in the immediate vicinity of our facility. Most offer quick delivery of takeout orders that can be enjoyed in our canteen. Likewise, we do not provide laundry and dry cleaning services, although there are self-service laundry and dry cleaners nearby. There are several parking garages in the vicinity.

The Club’s common areas include the canteen, two lounges and a library with televisions, VCR’s and DVD units. The rooms with 4 and 6 beds each have a television, the smaller rooms do not.

As required by NYC law, we are a smoke-free establishment